Featured Speaker: Kay Richae

Manifesting with the Divine Feminine by Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction

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Manifestation Secrets THEY Don't Want You to Know About - An Interview on Divine Feminine Manifestation with African Mystic, Dr. Ishmael Tetteh: Africa has always been the holder of sacred spiritual secrets, hence the entire land has a lure of Magic. Learn the secrets of manifesting your soul's desires directly from a world renowned African Mystic & Self-Made Millionaire. He overcame deep rooted poverty limiting beliefs such as money is the root of all evil & that wealth couldn't be built with a corrupt government. If he could do it in West Africa, we in America can use the same insights to overcome any limiting beliefs to create the lives we desire. This interview goes much deeper than 99% of Most Manifesting & Law of Attraction tips out there.

Kay Richae is a Spiritual Alignment Coach who has practiced Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coaching for the past 10 years.

She’s coached clients to achieve revenue exceeding $1M in sales & has personally run businesses exceeding $4M in annual revenue.

She has advised CEOs managing P&L of over $475M, and has personally studied with world renowned wealth and spiritual teachers such as: Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, NYT Bestselling Author John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, & Mystic & World Peace Advocate Dr. Ishmael Tetteh of the Etherean Mission in Ghana, West Africa.

Kay is a Spiritual Alignment Specialist. Her areas of expertise are Christianity, African Spiritualism, Divine Feminine Manifestation Methods, & the Neuroscience of Goal Achievement. You can currently watch her on the E! Network’s current season of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Featured Speaker: Sarah Manchester

Coming Home to Ourselves, how mindfulness brings us back to body/ heart and creative expression


Presence, Reflection and Expression: Join me for a 20 minute guided meditation, time for reflection and expression through writing or drawing

I feel fortunate to work with individuals on their path of healing. It is an honor to be invited into their journey and show up for them with reverence and presence. I am also a mother and a wife, a daughter and a sister. In my time to spare, I take to the sea or indulge in creativity, be that my garden, my home, a sketchbook or canvas. My life is rooted in a practices of meditation

Featured Speaker: Masood Ali Khan

For a Mortal Man to Touch the Divine Feminine


Sacred Music: Music that takes you deep into your spiritual being

Masood Ali Khan is a musician, prana healer, Foundation Training Student Instructor, Rasa Yoga Teacher, Vocal Yoga, actor, of prayer and believer in love for the earth and humanity through his gift offerings of ‘Connection to Creation’. For over 25 years connected to yoga, meditation, and Prana Energy techniques, evolving now into shadow work Training, earth guardianship, sacred masculine empowerment, and was head of the faculty for M.E.L Universal Energy at the 'Open International University of Complementary Medicine' in Colombo, Sri Lanka where he also studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Masood one of the pioneers of singing mantras with the hand pan. He has a unique kirtan musical performance of prayer, holding a ceremonial space for a meditative uplifting experience with his mesmerizing combination of the hand pans and sacred mantras infused with the power of the heart and mind's healing potential to help humanity. Sonically he explores live ‘Music as Medicine’ and releasing 3 acclaimed music albums with a merging of cultures with captivating melodies and mantras to inspire the spiritual healing within the human.

Currently living in Los Angeles with his beloved, master yoga teacher Sianna Sherman, offering sacred training retreats & pilgrimages ‘Alchemy of Love & Alchemy of Avalon’.

Featured Speaker: Grandmother Flordemayo

The Spiritual Seed of Wisdom & Prayers with Grandmother Flordemayo


Bonus Cathar's Creed and Sacred Ceremonial Candles, and Sacred Bathing recipes

Flordemayo® is a Curandera Espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit. As a seer, she has the ability to see other realms of color, light, and sound. In addition, she has the ability to see the effects of existing imbalances on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms within a person’s energy system. She was born in highlands of Central America, specifically Nicaragua and was the youngest of 15 children. In the Mayan astrology she has the seed sign.

As a world traveler she has offered ceremonies and has spoken on a wide range of topics from healing with the use of herbs to her more recent project, The Seed Temple, located in Estancia, New Mexico. Flordemayo® travels the globe to share her healings, prayers, and to foster a more spiritual understanding among humanity. She is a founding member of the the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of the America (1995 – 2000), Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge (2003 – 2007), Church of the Spiritual Path (1998, 2008 – 2014), and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers (2004 – 2014).

In addition, she is the founder and member of The Path. Born under the sign of Q’anil (seed), Flordemayo® sees her role as cosmic germinator through teaching, community, manifestation and development. In recent years, she began to explore in-depth the wisdom of the seeds. As a caretaker of seeds, she prays for their well-being and survival.

In 2012, Flordemayo® received a vision during dialogue with the Beloved Mother. In this vision, Flordemayo® finds herself sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth while being lovingly guided to prepare seed bundles with prayer. The Beloved Mother had shown a cosmic inspiration for Flordemayo® to birth, The Path, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of heirloom and heritage seeds. Now, The Path, prepares seed bundles to be given to the parents of babies being born today and those to be born in the future in the dream of honoring and protecting light beings of all forms in this new era of the Divine Feminine.

Featured Speaker: Kavitha Chinnaiyan

What is the Divine Feminine?


Bliss Meditation -- Bliss meditation is a series of lessons and practices that help uncover your inherent state of bliss. Each of us has the capacity to open to the bliss that is already always our ground of being. Ordinarily, this is masked by the constant chatter of our minds and the stress of day-to-day living. Meditation stills this chatter and unmasks our blissful, radiant true nature.

This course is based on the wisdom of various traditions and brings to you a thoughtfully curated collection of meditation techniques that work.

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Royal Oak, MI. She is an initiate in the Tāntrik lineages of Śrī Vidyā, Non-dual Śaiva Tantra (also known as Kashmir Śaivisim) and the secret Yoginī Path. She has studied Advaita Vedānta, Ayurveda, and Yoga with teachers across the globe. Her workshops, courses and writings on meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and non-duality strive to bring these time-honored traditions to modern living in practical ways. She is the author of The Heart of Wellness (Llewellyn Publications, January 2018), Shakti Rising (New Harbinger Publications, October 2017), which won the Nautilus Gold Award for Best Books of 2017, and Glorious Alchemy: Living the Lalitā Sahasranāma (New Sarum Press, UK, January 2020).

Featured Speaker: Peggy Markel

Lips to breast: the first food


“Poached Pears Palmeraie” recipe and drawing

With a perpetual curiosity and reverence for the rich tapestry created by food and culture, Peggy Markel has designed and directed carefully hand-crafted food and culture trips that feed the soul for the last 28 years. She has introduced over a 1000 people to traditional food artisans, kitchens and vineyards, immersing them in the culture through the food.

A pioneer in culinary travel, she was also instrumental in bringing Slow Food to America and the farm to table movement as early as 1993. She divides her time between Boulder, Colorado and Florence, Italy.